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Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome is an exciting computer-based therapy approach that makes the brain work faster. The participant wears headphones, and watches a computer screen, while clapping to a steady pulse. Constant feedback is given to show how close or far away from the beat the claps are. Research has shown that this simple method helps improve math, language, concentration, focus and auditory comprehension; decreases aggression; and helps with the physical precision that athletes need. Interactive Metronome can be used by children as well as adults to enhance academic and cognitive performance. It can also be paired with stuttering therapy (see our link for stuttering on left-side menu).

Your speech therapist will take pre- and post-measures on brain function and communication, and guide you or a loved one through six levels of training. The initial levels work on timing and rhythm, and then you progress with sustained focus, sensory and timing skills. Your therapist will add activities to your routines that specifically address your best performance.

Click here to see what prerequisite skills children need in order to participate in this therapy.

Treatment frequency: Number and duration of sessions required may vary according to individual needs. Typically, fifteen 1-hour sessions are required over a three to five week period, optimally three to five times per week. Success in the program depends, in part, on the effort and diligence in performing the IM activities.
Speech Therapy Services
Speech Therapy Services Speech Therapy Services
Speech Therapy Services Speech Therapy Services Speech Therapy Services Speech Therapy Services Speech Therapy Services